Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is done to insure that the food is given to those really in need?

A: The simplicity of our menu actually helps to screen out those that are trying to abuse the system. The menu was designed many years ago by a nutritionist with The American Heart Association. We asked for the least inexpensive meal plan that would feed as many as possible with nutritionally dense foods. Our menu consists of powdered milk and oatmeal, bread and peanut butter, rice and dried beans, mac and cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, baby food and formula. We found that those trying to abuse the system were not interested in these types of foods. On the first visit we screen for eligibility, however, anyone with a picture ID receives a “full menu” the first visit. The full menu is designed to feed the family for one week. If the person is eligible for further assistance, we set them up on a once a week schedule. During the screening, we assess what other agencies might be able to help them get back on their feet. At each visit, we monitor their progress in making applications and seeking appointments to help solve the reasons for their crisis. If their paperwork is not brought in to show that these steps have been taken, they become eligible for our minimum menu until they do bring in their paperwork. Minimum menu consists of a choice of bread and peanut butter or rice and beans to feed the family for a day, and they can come in daily for the minimum order. When they do bring in the necessary paperwork for each step, they can continue to get assistance weekly until closure on all referrals. People in crisis are stressed and generally not thinking clearly. This weekly contact is essential in that it offers us an opportunity to give direction as well as emotional support while being good and caring listeners and comforters in this time of crisis. All of this is handled by an all volunteer staff.

Q: How many people have been helped by this organization?

A: Since its formation 44 years ago, food has been provided for over 3,258,758 meals. During 2020, food was provided for 59.902 meals. Those meals fed 2,079 children and 2,423adults.

Q: How can someone receive assistance?

A: If you require assistance, please visit us Monday – Friday 1-3 PM. No appointment is needed. Please bring your Social Security number and picture ID with you.

Q: Is there a brochure available?

A: Community Food Pantry of McKinney - brochure_202107.pdf