1. Sponsor a Drive

Please contact us so that we can have your group on file for authorization to sponsor our pantry in your event. At that time, we'll set a date that works for you and us. We will also assign a specific item or items to collect that best match our menu and the size of your event. In additon, we will provide you with crates for collection and delivery to our facility.

2. Individual Donation of Food

Let us know your budget and timeframe and we'll match with our needs.


You can specify that your monetary gift by use:
  • As needed.
  • For general operating expenses
  • for food (we have a special arrangement for purchasing at volume and cost which can double the value of your gift)
  • Building fund
  • In memory of ...
  • In celebration of ...
  • In thanksgiving for
If you choose to make a contribuiton by check please make the check payable to "Community Food Pantry of McKinney" and mail the check to:

Community Food Pantry
307 Smith Street
McKinney, Texas 75069

Click "Donate" below to make an online contribution using PayPal:
Please Note: You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal to make a donation.